Principal's Corner

Mary N. Farr ~ Principal

This has been an aWESome start to what has been one of the most ‘unusual’ school years in history!  Having our students and staff back on campus after such an abrupt closing of schools in the spring has made this principal’s heart so full! J  “Planting Seeds of Success” is the school theme this year and has been so appropriate with our focus being on helping students to grow – both academically and in their interactions with others.  Students (and staff) have been asked to adapt to lots of new protocols put in place with the reopening of school.  Helping our students learn to adapt to changes around them is a critical piece to their education.  “Reading, writing, and arithmetic” skills are no longer enough to ensure a student grows into an independent and successful adult.  With us working together, we can cultivate a healthy ‘root system’ by which our students can grow into strong, independent thinkers.         


Backpack Tags: Please make sure your child’s backpack tag corresponds to how they go home in the afternoon: 

  • Gold-Car Riders & Happy Faces 
  • Green-Walkers, Bike Riders, Wauchula Childcare Center
  • White-Hardee
  • Yellow- WES Aftercare
  • Brown- Daycare Vans- New Vision and Log-On
  • Orange-Bus 217
  • Blue-Bus 114
  • Silver- Bus 314  

If your child’s tag is misplaced please let your child’s teacher know or stop by the front office and a new one will be provided.

Morning and Afternoon Drop off/Pick Up: 

  • This year started a 'split' parent pickup up system for afternoon dismissal.  Students grades 3-5 are picked up behind the school and students grades K-2 are picked up in front.  Older students will join their younger siblings in front of the school for pickup in the afternoon.
  • Car rider tags must be displayed visibly in the passenger windshield, allowing us to quickly see who to call and expedite the car pick up line. If you need a new tag please let us know and we will provide a replacement. 
  • Pull up as far as possible when unloading/loading, allowing other parents to pull up and drop off simultaneously. 
  • Students must arrive before 7:20 to eat breakfast.
  • No sign outs after 1:30 - while it may only seem that there is 25 minutes left in the day, there is a lot of material covered in that time as well as preparing students for the next day. 
  • Dismissal changes must be made prior to 1:30 each day,  allowing us time to notify students and teachers with the changes.

Attendance Policy: 

  • Any student absent must bring a note from parent/guardian stating the cause of the absence within 5 days of the absence. 
  • A doctor’s note will be required for all absences over 15.
  • Students with 15 or more unexcused absences will not be eligible to attend off campus trips.  

We look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your child's learning and are thankful to have you in the WES community!

Mrs. Farr