passports on map of the world

WES Celebrations Airline proud to announce a wonderful holiday 'travel' opportunity for our students and parents!

Come take advantage of a night of holiday traditions from around the world. Drop in and travel through the school to see the various projects our students have put together for your viewing. Students can earn stamps on their 'passport' and receive an early gift from WES!

Our PTO will also be on campus with a delicious hot chocolate station set up for parents and students to enjoy once they finish their travels.

Travel information:

Departure Gate: Wauchula Elementary School

Departures Begin: Tuesday, Dec 14th at 5:30pm (Gate closes at 6:30pm)

Destination: World Wide Round Trip

*Visit at least 3 countries to earn your travel stamps toward a gift for students*

~ For safety reasons, please limit 2 guests per student ~