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Battle of the Books and Skirmish

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Sunshine State Young Reader Award Information

There's a new list of SSYRA - or Battle - books! Students who successfully read three of these books will be invited to the voting party in April and will receive a necklace with 3 book charms. For each subsequent book read an additional charm will be awarded.

The SSYRA Wall of Fame in the Media Center features students who have read at least five of the books.

T-shirts are awarded to students who read at least ten of the books!

Those students reading all 15 will be recognized by the school, at the last Top Cat assembly and on our Twitter and Facebook page, and by the district prior to the Battle of the Books!

***Successful completion of the book means passing the AR quiz with a score of at least 70%. For district recognition students must score at least 80% on the AR quiz.

Students who wish to be on the WES Battle of the Books team must try out. A rubric is used to chose the team. The criterion for participation includes the score on the try-out test, the average of SSYRA AR quizzes, the number of books completed, and teacher input. The team is made up of six members.  



Skirmish Information

Specially designated books are available for K-2 called SSYRAjr or Skirmish books. Students who successfully complete all fifteen Skirmish books will be recognized on our Twitter and Facebook page, at the end of the year Top Cat assembly, and will be invited to participate in the Skirmish: a spelling-bee style event consisting of questions about all of the books.

**Successful completion of the book means passing the AR quiz with a score of at least 70%. 


***After completion of all 15 books, if a student had only one score below the criterion, he/she may retake that one quiz. (This is for both SSYRA and Skirmish.)