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Welcome to the WES Media Center!

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The Media Center is open daily from 7AM until 3PM.

Students enjoy using the computers, the Lego Wall, board games, puzzles, the puppet theater, and many other activities before school. They are able to check-out books as well.

Our students attend Media classes about once per week. In addition to scheduled classes, students may check-out books any time during the school day.

Kindergarten students check-out one book at a time, while First through Fourth Graders check-out two. Fifth Graders check out up to three books at a time. 

We have after school Book Clubs scheduled about every other week to celebrate the Sunshine State Young Reader Award books. Any student who has read and tested on the book may attend the Book Club.

 WES students are encouraged to read the SSYRA and SSYRA Jr. books!